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演出 Concert ● 李带菓 Li Daiguo / 中国 China

李带菓是美籍华人,5岁开始学习钢琴和小提琴。少年时期开始迷恋音乐, 并学习二胡、琵琶和大提琴,后在加州州立大学读书(专业是20世纪诗歌和小提琴演奏),在大学里学习了芬兰民乐、中国古典音乐、西方古典音乐、爵士乐、即兴音乐、新古典、印度尼西亚佳美兰、印度卡纳提克音乐,并对二十世纪的文学和哲学、宗教(道教/佛教/印度教)进行了研究,观摩了很多关于东方主义、心理学和政治学的资料,同时在洛杉矶继续学习二胡、琵琶以及关于中国音乐的美感、历史、乐器等。从2004年开始在大陆生活。


Li Daiguo is one of the leading figures in China’s experimental and traditional music communities. Within the past decade, the American transplant has carved out a singular niche that few others occupy, that of skilled improvisational artist (he has a reputation for leaving jaws on the floor, layman and critic alike), musical polymath (proficient at a dozen different instruments alongside throat-singing and beatboxing) and dynamic live performer known for his eclectic collaborations with a seemingly-limitless roster of colorful characters and ensembles, including transgressive Japanese Butoh dancers, fellow all-star musicians (marquee names like Sainkho Namtchylak, Yan Jun, Li Tieqiao, Wu Na, Xiao He and Dickson Dee) and other lunatics that he meets when he is busking, an activity that he does frequently and anonymously. 
Having received formal training since toddlerhood in Western classical music (violin, viola, cello, bass) and later in traditional Chinese music (namely stringed instruments like the Erhu and Pipa), the Oklahoma-born Li dove into the global music cannon and the sprawling world of improvisation after enrolling at San Diego State University with a double major in Western Classical Violin Performance and Literature.
After moving to China in the mid-2000s, Li made a name for himself as a distinguished composer and soloist, in part, due to his acclaimed performances throughout the country’s live music venues, festivals and of course, on the streets.
Li Daiguo makes music with the following instruments: Pipa, Nanyin Pipa, members of the Huqin family (including the Erhu, Sihu and Banhu Erxian), a variety of ethnic flutes (including the Hulusi, Koudi, Bawu, Xiao and the Nanxiao, the Chinese predecessor of the better-known Japanese Shakuhachi), the Zimbabwean Mbira, violin, viola, cello, beatboxing and overtone singing.


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2014.05.09 08:00 - 09:00 pm


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华侨城创意园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT



李带菓 Li Daiguo - 人声 Vocal / 琵琶 Pipa / Mbira / 大提琴 Cello


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