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演出 Concert ● 响马乐队 Bande / 中国 China


Bande is an avant-garde band established by Kazak musician Mamer in 2013. And the members of this band are Mamer, Nurtai and Zhang Dong. And this is also the third band they formed together. The other two bands of them are IZ Band and Kunakar.
The band uses the traditional ethnic musical instruments Dobro, Kobyz and Shaman drums as their basic equipment. Masks and black robes are their other two instruments, which present the mysterious ancient feeling, nervous rhythm mixed with the restless voices. They are creating the unprecedented new Kazak music.

时间 Time

2014.05.11 08:00- 09:00 pm


场地 Venue

华侨城创意园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artists

马木尔 Mamer - 冬不拉 Dobra

努尔泰 Nurtai - 库不孜 Kobyz

张东 Zhang Dong - 萨满鼓 Shaman Drum


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