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演出 Concert ● Mňága a Žďorp / 捷克 Czech Republic

Mňága a Žďorp是一支声名远播的捷克摇滚乐队,成立于1983年,根据地在北摩拉维亚地区。乐队成员曾经频繁变动,但近十年来阵容稳定。这支乐队的的词曲极具个人风格,其中的大多数来自于其主唱兼队长Petr Fiala之手。他们的听众年轻而充满活力,演出现场的气氛相当活跃,常常出现乐迷们与乐队大合唱的场景。乐迷们之所以喜欢他们的歌曲,是因为那之中充满了生活化的细节和情绪。2011年是乐队成军第25年,他们在布拉格举办了十分盛大的庆祝演出。每年,在捷克和斯洛伐克的几乎所有重要音乐节上都会出现Mňága a Žďorp的身影,他们拥有一批高质量的忠实歌迷。迄今为止,乐队发行过12张常规专辑,2张现场DVD和4套CD合辑。


Established in the year of 1983 and based in North Moravia, Mňága a Žďorp has now become a very well-known rock band in the Czech Republic. Members of the band often changed, but they had finally formed the stable structure in the last decade. This band plays exclusively its own music and own lyrics, which are mostly made by their leader and singer Petr Fiala. Most of their audiences are young and fresh. Their live concerts are always in very friendly mood so that people would sing many songs along with the band. Their songs are loved by the fans mainly because they are about daily life and feelings. The band celebrated their 25th anniversary in a very large concert in Prague in 2011. Mňága a Žďorp plays every year in almost all major festivals throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, always attracting very good audiences. Till today this band has released 12 regular albums, 2 live DVDs and 4 CD collections. 


时间 Time

2014.05.12 08:00 - 09:30 pm


场地 Venue

华侨城创意园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artist

Petr Fiala -人声 Vocal / 原声吉他 Acoustic Guitar

Martin Knor - 电子吉他 Electric Guitar / 曼陀林 Mandolin

Jaromír Mikel - 电子吉他 Electric Guitar

Petr Nekuža - 贝斯 Bass / 人声 Vocal

Jiří Tibitanzl - 萨克斯 Saxophones / 键盘 Keyboards / 人声 Vocal

Pavel Koudelka - 鼓 Drums / 人声 Vocal


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