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演出 Concert ● 锈 TAT / 中国 China


中国 China


时间 Time

2015.05.14 08:00-09:00 pm

场地 Venue

华侨城创意园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artists

马木尔 Mamer - 贝斯 Bass / 人声 Vocal

张东 Zhang Dong - Drums


锈,是马木尔和张东二人继IZ、响马、51区、细菌之后的第五支乐队。其哈萨克语名为 TAT,意即“锈”。20154月,在录制IZ新专辑的同时,即兴诞生了这支新乐队。锈乐队去掉了IZ乐队的工业打击乐,只剩下鼓和镲片,以及贝斯,以及其背后效果器浩瀚诡异的世界。

锈乐队内敛,缓慢,黑暗,那是抽象极简的暗黑浪潮(Dark Wave),也是节奏重复强迫症患者的良药,马木尔即兴色彩浓厚的唱,围绕着几个孤绝的哈萨克语字词或短句进行,他唱诵的甚至是即兴自造的无意义的“乌有之语”,仿佛来自一个孤独燃烧的未知的忧郁星球。



TAT is the fifth band formed by Mamer and Zhang Dong. The previous bands are the IZ Band, Bande, the 51st Area and Mekrop. TAT means “rust” in Kazakh. It was created coincidentally when the IZ Band was recording a new album in April 2015. The drums, a bass guitar, effectors along with the chanting in Kazakh of Mamer form a strange, immense universe. The meaningless words sung by Mamer are sometimes in some kind of in-existing language created by himself. All of the above elements just express the whole content of dark wave within this brand new band. TAT is like the destiny of the collapsing industrial world, as well as the infinite pursuit of souls within their lives and sounds.

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