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演出 Concert ● 南音雅艺 Nanyin Yayi Musical Association / 中国 China

南音雅艺 Nanyin Yayi Musical Association

中国 China


时间 Time

2015.05.16 08:00-09:00 pm

场地 Venue

华侨城创意园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artists

蔡雅艺 Cai Yayi - 琵琶 Pipa / 四宝 Sibao / 人声 Vocal

蔡东仰 Cai Dongyang - 二弦 Erxian

吴双吉 Wu Shuangji - 三弦 Sanxian / 琵琶 Pipa

吴文俊 Wu Wenjun - 洞箫 Dongxiao






Nanyin music (literally translated as “the music of the South”), a traditional opera sung in the southern Fujian dialect, has existed for more than 1,000 years and is considered the most ancient musical art form in China. It is a mixture of the traditional Fujian music and the Zhongyuan music that brought to south Fujian by immigrants from central China in the ancient times. The slow, simple and elegant melodies are performed on distinctive instruments such as a vertical bamboo flute called Dongxiao and a crooked-neck lute played horizontally called Pipa, as well as more common wind, string and percussion instruments, which have been preserved for centuries, incorporating the customs of Song in proper proportion of the Han Dynasty. Nanyin was entitled one of the first passel of Intangible Cultural Heritage by The State Council of PRC in 20th May, 2006 and it was designated by UNESCO as the masterpiece of Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity again in 2009.

Cai Yayi, who was born in Quanzhou, comes from an old and well-known family of Nanyin musicians existed by generations. The acclaimed Nanyin musician had performed around the world and recently came in the first place in the Folk Solo Category of 2010’s Llangollen International Eisteddfod. With her four solo albums, Yayi continues to bring Nanyin around Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and other regions. 

Compared with the traditional Nanyin performance form in which the artists focus more on their own inner space, Yayi pays more attention to creating the atmosphere, the clothes of the performers, as well as the eye contact and the spiritual communication with the audience.

It is important to create a performing scene of classic beauty according to the lyrics, where the audience would be in ecstasies over the Nanyin art, in which way they can reach a peaceful state with the balance of music, joy and consciousness. In order to introduce Nanyin in a more modern and acceptable way to the younger audience, Yayi formed the Nanyin Yayi Musical Association with some friends of similar purposes and interests since 2013.

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蔡雅艺 - 《山色》南音