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演出 Concert ● MAGMA / 法国 France


法国 France


时间 Time

2015.05.29 08:00-09:40 pm

场地 Venue

华侨城创意园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artists

Stella - 人声 Chant / 打击乐 Percussions
Isabelle Feuillebois -
人声 Chant
Hervé Aknin -
人声 Chant
James Mac Gaw -
吉他 Guitar
Jeremy Ternoy -
钢琴 Piano
Benoît Alziary -
电颤琴 Vibraphone
Philippe Bussonet -
贝斯 Bass
Christian Vander -
人声 Chant / 打击乐 Percussions


1969年,MAGMA横空出世,带来了世人闻所未闻的奇异音乐,这是一支以Christian Vander(鼓手/作曲/人声)为灵魂人物的前卫乐队。

MAGMA几乎所有的作品都是描述Kobaïa文明的起源和发展,而且用的都是“Kobaïa语”—— MAGMA自己创造的语言。所以,在未来100年后的Kobaïa星球上的音乐也是和我们所熟悉的地球音乐迥然不同的。


20149月至201511月,70岁的Christian Vander 和他的MAGMA将完成新一轮(也许会是最后一轮)的世界巡演——“The Endless Tour”。这支成立于1969年的传奇乐队还将继续传递他们无穷无尽的前卫狂想。


MAGMA is a progressive group led by drummer/composer/vocalist Christian Vander that was formed in 1969.

Most of MAGMA’s albums explain the origins and development of the new civilization on Kobaïa, and their interactions with the people of Earth and other planets. All of their lyrics are sung in the language of the new civilization, “Kobaïan”. As one might expect, the music from Kobaïa several hundred years from now is very unlike what we are accustomed to on twentieth century planet earth.

Combined with free jazz, classical, blues, Psychedelic Rock and world music, the band doesn't clearly fit in any other progressive subgenre, though avant-prog would qualify. So the music of MAGMA is often categorized as “Zeuhl” (which means 'heavenly' in Kobaïan, MAGMA's own language). Their music is very strange, beautiful, and ultimately rewarding, but it does require an open mind on the part of the listener. It is music that must be experienced fully with body, heart and soul: not simply a cerebral performance of some kind of space opera by clever musicians, but a full blown spiritual experience with the music acting as the connecting vehicle between performer and listener.

Now, led by 70-year-old Christian Vander, MAGMA are on a new (may be the last) tour-The Endless Tour. Surely they will left a legacy of endless imagination. It waits to be discovered by new converts, and continually by older fans alike.

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MAGMA - Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré II (Extrait)