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爵士中的意大利 Italy in Jazz - 单簧管五重奏Quintetto Denner

爵士中的意大利 - 单簧管五重奏 Quintetto Denner


时间:2016.3.30 周三 20:30









票价:预售 60 元;现场 80 元


※截止时间:3月30日 00:00







Quintetto Denner爵士五重奏具有浓郁的意大利爵士风格,自1998年成立以来,五位音乐家携手走过近二十个春秋。他们拥有着不同的人生经历和艺术特质,却共同融洽演绎出一种具有年代感的、慵懒惬意的声音。

Quintetto Denner爵士五重奏作为意大利爵士乐的代表,曾与国际著名爵士大师Claudio Wally Allifranchini有过合作,并参加过加纳利音乐节、欧洲爵士音乐节、多伦多爵士音乐节等众多国际音乐节,也经常应意大利大使馆邀请在世界各地地巡回演出。他们与众多著名指挥和艺术家亮相过同一个舞台,包括阿巴多、穆迪、西蒙拉特、多明戈、马友友等。


Guerrino Allifranchini - 单簧管、人声

Guerrino Allifranchini,单簧管演奏家,毕业于都灵音乐学院,1954年开始在米兰和斯德哥尔摩当地的爵士和流行乐团和组合演奏单簧管和萨克斯管,并在六十余载的职业生涯中参与录制了大量的电视和广播节目。


Filippo Rodolfi - 钢琴、编曲

Filippo Rodolfi曾于米兰布雷拉音乐研究院学习古典音乐作曲,并跟随Franco D'Andrea和Sante Palumbo学习爵士。上世纪70年代起,他曾在各个爵士大乐队和爵士组合中担任钢琴独奏,并作为作曲家、教育家活跃于爵士舞台上。



Alessandro Bardella,单簧管

Giancarlo Buratti,单簧管

Giorgio Rondi,低音单簧管

Denner三重奏由Alessandro Bardella、Giancarlo Buratti、Giorgio Rondi三位音乐家组成,自成立以来,曾在意大利-里米尼剧院,柯西亚-诺瓦拉剧院等地演出,1998年在Guerrino Allifranchini和Filippo Rodolfi两位音乐家加入后,正式成立Denner五重奏。






Quintetto Denner - Italian Medley 3

Quintetto Denner - Tu si 'na cosa grande (Live in Gran Canaria Teatro Expomeloneras)

Quintetto Denner - My funny Valentine (Live in Albania)

Jazz in Italy - Quintetto Denner


Time: 2016.3.30 Wednesday 20:30

Venue: B10 Live

Add: Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only)

Organizer: OCT-LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd

Admittance starts at 20:00.

General seating based on first come first served policy.



Fare: Presale 60 RMB; At Door 80 RMB


※Presale service available until 00:00 on Mar.30h

①Entity: Old Heaven Books (120#, A5, North District of OCT-LOFT)



Please send the following information to at least ONE DAY before the concert:

1.Name 2.Phone number 3.Date of the concert 4.Quantity of tickets

Ticket reservation will be closed 15 minutes before the show starts, please pick up your ticket at B10 Live in time.

3/At Door: B10 Live

※Starts at 19:30 on the day.


The Quintetto Denner comes out of the mixture of two different experiences and artistic sensitivities. As far as the jazz is concerned, the Quintetto Denner proudly co-operates with Claudio Wally Allifranchini (internationally famous jazzman). During the show the Quartetto performs pieces composed on purpose by him. Another important co-operation is with Filippo Rodolfi (famous pianist, composer and arranger), who personally writes the arrangements for the group. With him the Quartetto performs the jazz recitals.

On 25 February 2011 the Quintetto Denner performed at the Expomeloneras Theatre in Gran Canaria on the occasion of the 27 Festival De Música De Canarias, a prestigious international festival where, in the past editions, important conductors have performed, such as: Claudio Abbado, Riccardo Muti, Sir Simon Rattle. On the same stage also performed such great artists as: Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, Mstislav Rostropovich, Ivo Pogorelich, Cristina Gallardo-Domâs, Maria Joâo Pires, Vladmir Ashkenazy, Isaac Stern, Midori, Shlomo Mintz, YoYo Ma…

In 2001 the Quintetto Denner took part to the "European Jazz Festival" of Izmir as unique Italian group (every country suggested a group that could represent its own jazz musical culture).


Guerrino Allifranchini - Clarinet/Vocal

"Since his adolescence he has begun studying the clarinet privately, specializing in Novara and later at the Conservatoire of Turin. In 1954 he also began playing the alto saxophon with Bruno Canfora's orchestra. During his prestigious career he has performed for many recordings and TV programmes as soloist and musician in many orchestras.


Filippo Rodolfi - Piano/Arrangment

After the classical studies (Istituto Musicale Brera), harmony and composition with Roberto Gorini Falco, he begins studying jazz since his adolescence with Franco D'Andrea and Sante Palumbo. Since the 70's he performs as soloist or in many groups from the trio to the Big Band. Since 1978 he has been teaching in refresher courses for teachers, seminaries of Musictherapy, musical animation and basic music learning.


The Trio Denner

Alessandro Bardella, Clarinet

Giancarlo Buratti, Clarinet

Giorgio Rondi, Bass Clarinet

The Trio Denner has performed in several shows among which the most important are: Teatro Italia- Rimini, Teatro Coccia- Novara, Sala Borsa - Novara. It has taken part to the seasons "Musica nei Cortili" and "Musica nei Quartieri" in Novara and Koblenz (Germany) and it has cooperated with the Coordinamento Novarese Per La Pace. Since 1998, thanks to the cooperation with Guerrino Allifranchini and Filippo Rodolfi the Trio Denner becomes Quintetto Denner.


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Quintetto Denner - Italian Medley 3

Quintetto Denner - Tu si 'na cosa grande (Live in Gran Canaria Teatro Expomeloneras)

Quintetto Denner - My funny Valentine (Live in Albania)