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放映 Screening ● faUSt纪录片:《FAUST美吗?》Documentary of faUSt: IST FAUST SCHÖN?


Documentary of faUSt: IST FAUST SCHÖN?

法国 France


时间 Time

2016.5.14 16:30 - 18:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区A3+ A3+, North District of OCT-LOFT


影片信息 Movie Information

导演 Director:Julien Perrin

时长 Length:82 mins

年份 Year:2007

语言 Languages:德语 German / 法语 French / 英语 English

字幕 Subtitles:英文 English




Julien Perrin的纪录片跟随乐队的两位始创成员——Jean-Hervé Peron和Zappi Diermaier(以及当时的新成员Amaury Cambuzat)回到乐队的出身之地——德国小乡镇Wümme,探寻他们从无到有,再到缔造传奇的轨迹。影片中相当重要的一部分呈现了乐队在舞台上荒诞不经、令人着迷的姿态,而同样有趣的是,通过访谈以及“墙上苍蝇式(fly-on-the-wall)[1]”的视角,导演Perrin的观察与记录让这些人物的性格得以真实展现,我们可以从中感受到,他们毫不做作且充满智慧,也对于成为下一代的摇滚巨匠从未抱有丝毫野心。Diermaier的昵称“Zappi”来自于对Frank Zappa的热爱,影片中的一场重头戏正是一段对他的深入访谈,展现了他强悍的外表之下柔软真挚的一面。


——James Merchant,Raindance电影节



Julien Perrin,法国电影制片人、摄影师。他对边缘人群有着浓厚的兴趣,同时也是70年代德国摇滚乐乐迷。他为多个法国品牌拍摄商业广告,也发展了许多关于音乐的个人项目。


[1] Fly-on-the-wall:一种用于电影及电视制作的纪录片拍摄风格,拍摄者观察和记录事件的自然发生,就如同墙壁上的一只苍蝇。

“At a faUSt gig a few years back a friend turned to me and said ‘the only way this could be any more extreme would be an onstage human sacrifice’, such was the energy conjured up by the band’s erratic stage performance that instilled a deep sensation of mayhem.

For anyone unfamiliar with the group’s work, faUSt were at the forefront of a German musical movement characterised by progressive, textured layers of sound fused in live concert, with the manipulation of chainsaws, cement mixers, solder irons and other industrial equipment for the purpose of performance.

Julien Perrin’s documentary follows the two founding members, Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier (with newcomer Amaury Cambuzat), as they travel to their small rural origins of Wümme, exploring the band’s construction and the legacy they eventually created. While a significant portion of the film exhibits their irrational and mesmerising stage antics, equally as interesting is the way in which through interviews and fly-on-the-wall[1] insights Perrin’s observations humanise these characters, revealing them to be non- pretentious, intelligent men who never had ambitions to become the next huge rock act. A particular highlight shows an intimate interview with Diermaier, whose forceful appearance is misleading as his anecdotes uncover a gentle musician whose passion for Frank Zappa led to his peculiar nickname.

As with all great music documentaries, the film provides much for fans to enjoy while also presenting a perfect entry point for newcomers. ”

— James Merchant, Raindance Film Festival


Introduction of the Director

Julien Perrin is a French filmmaker and camera operator fascinated by marginal peoples and fan of German rock from the 70's. He is working for different brands in France and develops a lot of personal projects in music.


[1] Fly-on-the-wall: Fly-on-the-wall is a style of documentary-making used in filmmaking and television production. The name derived from the idea that events are seen candidly, as a fly on a wall might see them.

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