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讲座 Talk ● 效果器革命美学——声波毁灭者的诞生 The Revolutionary Aesthetics of Effects Pedals — Nothing to Total Sonic Annihilation


The Revolutionary Aesthetics of Effects Pedals — Nothing to Total Sonic Annihilation


时间 Time

2016.5.15 14:00 - 16:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区A3+ A3+, North District of OCT-LOFT


主讲人 Speaker

Oliver Ackermann(美国 U.S.A.)

Death By Audio Collective创始人及总监,A Place to Bury Strangers吉他手/主唱

Creator and director of the Death By Audio Collective, guitar/vocals in A Place to Bury Strangers


Death By Audio由Oliver Ackermann创建于2001年,是一间主营手工效果器的小型公司。Lightning Bolt、Wilco、Nine Inch Nails和U2等乐队都使用过其产品。

Oliver Ackermann将会在讲座中与我们一起回顾他的旅程:从自己捣腾音响设备电路,到创建Death By Audio效果器公司,乃至影响和启发了一众纽约当地的艺术家并结成组织,与此同时还组建了世界巡回演出项目A Place to Bury Strangers。


在此之后,还会有使用Oliver Ackermann亲自设计和制作的效果器及声音装置进行现场实操演出的环节。


关于Oliver Ackermann

Oliver Ackermann是纽约地下艺术运动的中坚力量。他表演和承办了数千场演出,为数万名音乐人制作乐器和效果器,名单中不乏Lou Reed、Trent Reznor、Lady Gaga、Ty Segall、John Dwyer、The Flaming Lips、The Edge、Annie Clark和Brian Chippendale这样的人物。

自2001年创建Death By Audio开始,Oliver一直不懈地推广反叛传统的声音设备应用,力图探索极限之上的可能性。他的DIY美学吸引了一众志同道合的艺术家,并成立了多个工作坊、一个电影工作室、一个唱片厂牌、一个街机游戏公司,众多的乐队以及一个音乐现场。


* Total Sonic Annihilation是Death By Audio设计和生产的第一款效果器。这款效果器是为噪音制造者、实验主义者和革命者而生的。它产生的声音在与不同的效果器搭配使用时千差万别,而都能赋予它们全新的生命。

Founded in 2001 by Oliver Ackermann, Death By Audio is a small handmade effects pedal company, providing effect pedals for bands such as Lightning Bolt, Wilco, Nine Inch Nails and U2.

In the lecture we will travel through Oliver Ackermann's journey of teaching himself how to design and destroy audio circuits, creating the Death By Audio effects pedal company, inspiring a large group of artists in New York to form a collective, all the while forming a world touring performance project A Place to Bury Strangers.

The lecture will also go into detail original recording techniques and concepts, theory of sound perception in live spaces, how visual stimulation impacts audio, creating effect circuits and instruments, and the importance of keeping art pure by doing anything you want.

This will be followed up with a hands-on performance of effect pedals and sound making devices designed and built by Oliver Ackermann.


About Oliver Ackermann

Oliver Ackermann has been an important force in the underground art movement in New York City, performing and hosting thousands of shows, building instruments and effects for tens of thousands of musicians including Lou Reed, Trent Reznor, Lady Gaga, Ty Segall, John Dwyer, The Flaming Lips, The Edge, Annie Clark, and Brian Chippendale.

Since starting Death By Audio in 2001, Oliver has continuously introduced unconventional audio manipulation that focuses on what lies beyond the extremes. His DIY aesthetic has united like-minded artists to form workshops, a film studio, a record label, an arcade game company, many bands and a music venue.


* Total Sonic Annihilation is the first ever effects-pedal designed and produced by Death By Audio. Total Sonic Annihilation is for all of the noise makers, experimentationists, revolutionists. It sounds completely different depending on what effects pedals are used with it, as each and every effect pedal can breath new life with its company.

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