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讲座 Talk · 2017.5.16《The Wire》400期唱片俱乐部:明天塑料人 The Wire 400 Record Club: Plastic People of Tomorrow

《The Wire》400期唱片俱乐部:明天塑料人

The Wire 400 Record Club: Plastic People of Tomorrow


时间 Time

2017.5.16 20:00 – 22:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区旧天堂书店 Old Heaven Books, North District of OCT-LOFT 


特邀嘉宾 Special Guest

Biba Kopf (瑞士 Switzerland)

《The Wire》杂志长期撰稿人 Longtime contributor of The Wire



创刊于1982年,英国当代音乐杂志《The Wire》将在2017年6月迎来它的第400期。数十年来,它一直是全球音乐动态重要的记录者,见证和参与了世界音乐历史上的无数变迁。尽管如此,有待其发掘和推广的好音乐还是数之不尽。

《The Wire》400期、旧天堂“书店塑料人”和明天音乐节三方“混打”,催生了本场特别活动。特邀嘉宾——《The Wire》杂志的长期撰稿人Biba Kopf将担任本次活动的DJ,为大家捕捉那些优秀却少有人知的“漏网之鱼”:美国歌手/作曲家Buffy Sainte-Marie的1969年电子专辑《Illuminations》,西德摇滚乐队Ton Steine Scherben、德国汉堡朋克先驱Abwärts、匈牙利后朋克团体Európa Kiadó和日本地下歌手户川纯的作品,波兰摇滚乐队Ścianka对The Beatles经典《Tomorrow Never Knows》颠覆性的重新演绎……


关于Biba Kopf
资深乐评人,《The Wire》杂志长期撰稿人。70年代开始他就在《Melody Maker》、《New Musical Express(NME)》、伦敦的《City Limits》、《Electronic Beats》等各大报刊杂志发表关于另类音乐、独立或地下音乐的乐评,偶尔也会写影评。 


关于《The Wire》

《The Wire》毫无疑问是这个世界上最重要的当代音乐杂志。

自创刊以来,它就一直追随着全世界各种非正统音乐的脉动而发展,另类、实验、先锋或地下,甚至更加边缘化的音乐,都是它的“捕猎范围”。从自由爵士、即兴演奏、20世纪作曲,到House、Techno、Jungle、Grime等舞曲形式,再到工业、黑金属和噪音等等,它探索和传播的声音不拘风格。在《The Wire》欣赏和支持的许多音乐人和艺术家之中,有不少人的作品都因反主流或极端的天性而不被大众接纳。发展至今,已经形成了一种特有的批判姿态,无论是面对社会主流,还是它所记录的文化,都敢于发出不同的声音。

Since its launch in summer 1982, the UK innovative music magazine The Wire has documented and celebrated decades of musical shifts and changes all around the world. But even after 400 issues there’s plenty of stones left unturned and The Wire 400 Record Club will be celebrating some of the ones that got away. These include overlooked or under-acknowledged classics like Native American singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie’s electronic album Illuminations, songs from West German community action rockers Ton Steine Scherben and Hamburg punk pioneers Abwärts, Hungarian post-punk group Európa Kiadó and Japanese singer Jun Togawa, mind-expanding cover versions like Polish group Ścianka’s take of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”, and more. Hosted by The Wire’s longtime contributor Biba Kopf.

About Biba Kopf
Longtime contributor of The Wire magazine.
Since the late 1970s, Biba Kopf has written about alternative, independent or underground music and, occasionally, cinema from around the world for Melody Maker, New Musical Express, London’s City Limits magazine, Electronic Beats, and more. 


About The Wire

The Wire is undoubtedly the most important contemporary music magazine in this world. 
Since it was founded in 1982, The Wire magazine has been chasing the pulse of alternative, experimental, avant-garde, underground or outsider music all around the world and across all forms of musical expression, from free jazz, improvisation and 20th century composition, through house, techno, jungle and grime, to industrial culture, black metal and noise. The magazine has championed a wide circle of musicians and artists, some of whose work has been widely condemned for its anti-mainstream or extreme nature. Over time The Wire has developed its own critical position that sometimes puts the magazine at odds both with the cultures it documents and society at large.