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美国独立民谣才女 American Indie Singer —— 山形瑞秋 Rachael Yamagata

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山形瑞秋 Rachael Yamagata 2017中国巡演深圳站


时间:2017.09.15 周五 20:30









票价:预售 260 元;现场 320 元 

1/预售 ※截止时间:09月15日 00:00







后青年荣誉出品,美国独立音乐才女山形瑞秋 Rachael Yamagata 2017中国巡演,即将于9月在北京、上海、杭州、成都、广州、深圳 温馨呈现。被称为Bonnie Raitt最终继承人,又被称作女版Damien Rice的山形瑞秋,去年来中国巡演获得无数文青的拥趸,初次邂逅的情景令很多人至今难忘,她那刺穿灵魂的嗓音一直萦绕耳边,那么,今年再来一次近距离接触吧。


就像山形瑞秋与中国歌迷间无言的约定,山形瑞秋今年9月将再次和中国的乐迷见面,巡演的每一场都会为大家呈现一个特别的“演出之夜”。作为中国乐迷的特别福利,此次巡演将会携带第一张专辑不插电版本「Acoustic Happenstance」以及「Tightrope Walker」等旧作和收录未发行的歌曲、小样以及不同版本歌曲的限量专辑「Kitchen Sink Rarities」。


山形瑞秋的音乐职业生涯从芝加哥的一支放克融合乐团 Bumpus 开始,乐团发行三张专辑演遍全国,瑞秋和吉他手男友分手后于2001年单飞来到了 New York City 开始了个人的音乐生涯并于2003推出首张个人EP,2004年首张专辑《Happenstance》一经推出,各界好评如潮。其中备受乐迷青睐的单曲《Be Be Your Love》,由李焯雄重新填词的中文版本《一个人睡》,经天后莫文蔚翻唱后在华语乐坛流传甚广,甚至连来自台湾的独立乐团苏打绿也曾在自己的专场翻唱这首作品。出道至今,山形瑞秋将自己细腻的感情结合不同的音乐风格融入到一首又一首作品中,丰富的生活经历给她更感性的内心,而这些发自内心的作品又通过共振进入到更多人的心里,成为无数人伤心难过时的抚慰剂,深夜失眠时的安眠药。

山形瑞秋除了在世界各地巡演外,经常住在位于历史悠久的伍德斯托克的木屋里,她给木屋取名“Hermit House”,这里四周被森林环绕,她在这里生活、创作,偶尔在椅子上静坐一天任凭灵感的火花在脑海里闪现。屋子里摆着钢琴,电子管音箱,那些有温度的音乐很多从这里诞生。山形瑞秋喜欢养猫,在阳光的午后,猫咪们就在门口陪着她晒太阳。无论是她的音乐作品,还是她的生活方式,无疑是无数文艺青年心中的理想和标杆。有人把她当女神,有人把她当心灵挚友,在安静的小舞台上,没有华丽的聚光灯,一把吉他加上独特沙哑的嗓音,一首接一首唱着自己的故事,随着情绪的慢慢释放,就足够让舞台下面的观众灵魂出窍了。如果勾起你的回忆,请不要鼻酸。







Rachael Yamagata - Over (Official Video)

Rachael Yamagata - Elephants

Rachael Yamagata - Let Me Be Your Girl (Official Video)

Rachael Yamagata 2017 China Tour Shenzhen Station


Time: 2017.09.15 Friday 20:30

Venue: B10 Live 

Add: Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only) 

Venue Support: OCT-LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd

Admittance starts at 20:00. 

Open area with several seats on both sides for resting purpose. 



Fare: Presale 260 RMB; At Door 320 RMB

1/Presale ※Presale service available until 00:00 on 15th September

①Entity:Old Heaven Books (120#, A5, North District of OCT-LOFT) 



2/Booking Please send the following information to at least ONE DAY before the concert: 

1.Name 2.Phone number 3.Date of the concert 4.Quantity of tickets

Ticket reservation will be closed 15 minutes before the show starts, please pick up your ticket at B10 Live in time. 

3/At Door: B10 Live

※Starts at 19:30 on the day.

Rachael Yamagata is a singer-songwriter. She plays many instruments including piano and has a dark, raspy alto. She is a Yonsei or fourth-generation Japanese American on her father's side and of Italian and German ancestry on her mother's side.

Yamagata became the vocalist for the Chicago funk-fusion band Bumpus, spending six years writing and recording three albums with the band and touring the country. In 2001, after having written a number of songs that didn't fit with the funk style of the band, Yamagata decided to take the songs and launch a solo career. In September 2002, she landed a two-record deal with Arista's Private Music and her self-titled EP produced by Malcolm Burn, Rachael Yamagata Ep was released in October.

Her first full-length album, Happenstance, followed in June 2004. It was produced by John Alagia (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Ben Folds Five). "I Want You" features several members of prominent American Klezmer group The Klezmatics. Videos were made for the first and second singles "Worn Me Down" and “1963".

Her songs have featured on several TV shows, including How I Met Your Mother, ER , Nip/Tuck, Men in Trees, Alias, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters and The O.C., on which she made a guest performance in season 2. Yamagata also contributed a song to Mandy Moore's 2007 album, Wild Hope. She also toured with Moore, opening many of her shows around the country.

On May 22, 2008, a new banner was added to her site indicating the digital release of a new EP, Loose Ends, with three new songs, serving as a preview for the now delayed release of her second full-length album.

She also made an appearance in Jason Mraz's second album, singing a song with him called "Did You Get My Message?". She also sings on "Fireflies" and "The Believer" on Rhett Miller's solo CD, "Barfly" on Ray Lamontagne's Till the Sun Turns Black and "Let it Ride", "Cold Roses", and "Friends", on Ryan Adams' Cold Roses. She sings backup on six tracks on the Bright Eyes' album Cassadaga.

In May 2008, Yamagata released a three-song EP, Loose Ends. Her second full-length album Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart was released in October 2008. Billboard characterized the album as much darker and sadder in tone than its predecessor. That month, her two-song live acoustic video performance appeared on LiveDaily Sessions and featured the songs "Faster" and "Sunday Afternoon”. In April 2009, Yamagata performed her song "Elephants" on the television drama One Life to Live.

Yamagata digitally released a new album in the fall of 2011 through Pledgemusic. Her third studio album Chesapeake was released through Frankenfish Records in October 2011. In 2012 Yamagata released her next EP called Heavyweight. 

Yamagata has appeared numerous times as a guest vocalist for other artists including: Jason Mraz's "Did You Get My Message?", "Fireflies" and "The Believer" by Rhett Miller, on Toots & the Maytals's album True Love, the song "Barfly" by Ray Lamontagne, and several songs on Ryan Adams' Cold Roses album. She contributed vocals to six songs on the Bright Eyes album Cassadaga. Yamagata contributed writing, keyboards and vocals to the song "Kaleidoscope" by Jill Cunniff a former member of Luscious Jackson. Yamagata also performs with an ensemble cast on the 30 Rockepisode "Kidney Now!" The soundtrack for the film Dear John features the song "You Take My Troubles Away", Yamagata's duet with Dan Wilson. She also performs the Muppets song "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" on a cover album, Muppets: The Green Album.

Yamagata again partnered with PledgeMusic for her album Tightrope Walker, released on September 23, 2016. She also offered an acoustic digital version of Happenstance as a pledge reward.


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Rachael Yamagata - Over (Official Video)

Rachael Yamagata - Elephants

Rachael Yamagata - Let Me Be Your Girl (Official Video)