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法国先锋爵士 French Fusion Jazz —— Laurent Coulondre

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RENDEZ-VOUS 月乐约 | 法国先锋爵士Laurent Coulondre《Gravity Zero》2018 中国巡演深圳站


时间:2018.4.12 周四 20:30









票价:预售 80 元;现场 100 元 


※截止时间:4月12日 00:00







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Laurent Coulondre,一位来自法国的爵士音乐人。他的动人之处在于他很忠于自我,对音乐的渴望是他一切创作的驱动力。正如视频中所看到的那样,他尤其擅长同时操控演奏几个不同的键盘。两只手,两只脚……演奏中的他,似乎整个身体都完全沉浸在了音乐里,融合在与伙伴们共同创造出的旋律之中。

Laurent Coulondre的爵士乐总会给到人一种恍惚的错觉,有时候就像是荷兰版画家Escher画笔下迷宫。每当你自认为找到了出路,到头来却发现只是迷失在了另一个地方。那里有欢乐的海洋里,纵横交错的声音,太多风景等你探索。而他所演奏的最具感染力的键盘,仿佛围墙一样,一道道立起,构筑起了那座“爵士迷宫”。

法国音乐赢家大奖是法国文化部设立的奖项,用于嘉奖某一类型最杰出的艺术家,其在法国的地位堪比格莱美奖。2016年Laurent Coulondre在大奖的爵士音乐门类中的表现也备受瞩目。Laurent Coulondre仿佛是这复杂自由的一代人的缩影,在他的音乐里,没有太多的标签和流派,有的只是萦绕在舞台上的音乐与快乐。

2017年,Laurent Coulondre与其他四位音乐家合作录制发行了他的全新专辑《Gravity Zero》。这次,Laurent Coulondre 将和 Yoann Serra 一起进行中国巡演。

对Laurent Coulondre而言,音乐就是一个伟大的实验场。在这张专辑里,他带来了与法国顶尖艺术家们的愉悦邂逅与合作。专辑中钹和其他打击乐器的组合,绝不会让听众失望。可称得上是钢琴电子工程师的Coulondre,这次合作的艺术家包括才华横溢且忠诚的伙伴Martin Wangermée、最伟大的节奏诗人之一André Ceccarelli、还有集柔和的声音与思想于一身的艺术大师Yoann Serra,他所创造的音乐质感是独一无二的;以及有着鲜明音乐风格、脑洞大开的“麻烦制造者”Cyril Atef。






Laurent Coulondre 在2016法国音乐赢家大奖上的演出

Laurent Coulondre  < Gravity Zero > Release Party

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French Fusion Jazz Laurent Coulondre < Gravity Zero > 2018 China Tour Live in Shenzhen


Time: 2018.4.12 Thursday 20:30 

Venue: B10 Live 

Add: Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 

Tel: 0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only) 

Venue Support: OCT-LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd 

Admittance starts at 20:00. 

Open area with several seats on both sides for resting purpose. 



Fare: Presale 120 RMB; At Door 150 RMB


※Presale service available until 00:00 on April 12

①Entity:Old Heaven Books (120#, A5, North District of OCT-LOFT) 




Please send the following information to at least ONE DAY before the concert: 

1.Name 2.Phone number 3.Date of the concert 4.Quantity of tickets

Ticket reservation will be closed 15 minutes before the show starts, please pick up your ticket

at B10 Live in time. 

3/At Door: B10 Live

※Starts at 19:30 on the day.


Laurent Coulondre is a jazz musician from France.

The touching thing about Laurent Coulondre is that this young man is true to himself. His music is driven by nothing but his desires.On his keyboards, everything works simultaneously, his two hands, his two feet, his whole body is dedicated to music and to the inextricable grooves hecreates with his partners. 

His work sometimes resembles Escher's inextricable musicallabyrinth. Just when you think that you have found the way out, you realisethat you are somewhere else – lost in an ocean of pleasure, a crisscross of soundsas so many landscapes to explore.

Laurent Coulondre is also this year’s Jazz Revelation of theVictoires de la Musique, a French award ceremony where the French Ministry ofCulture delivers Victoires to the best artist of a certain genre. He is theepitome of this complex-free generation. No more categories, no more clans,sound and pleasure are given center stage.

Gravity Zero is Laurent Coulondre’s new album released in 2017 with four other musicians.

For this tour in China, Laurent Coulondre will play with Yoann Serra.

For Coulondre, music is a great playground of experimentation. He brings about joyful encounters and collaborates with the best artists Francehas to offer. You will not be disappointed by his cymbals and the array of hisother percussion instruments. Coulondre works with Martin Wangermée, who isthe pianist-electronics-engineer's brilliant and loyal partner in crime, butalso with André Ceccarelli, who is one of the greatest poets of rhythm. Yoann Serra provides a unique touch, and is a virtuoso of sound, suppleness andideas, and Cyril Atef is the troublemaker, who never lacks those ideas thatcreate sharp musical turns.


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Laurent Coulondre Live @ Victoires de la Musique,2016

Laurent Coulondre  < Gravity Zero > Release Party

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