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丰江舟 Feng Jiangzhou

丰江舟 Feng Jiangzhou
中国 China

时间 Time
2019.05.19 19:00 - 20:00

场地 Venue
华侨城创意文化园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT

演出者 Artist
丰江舟 Feng Jiangzhou - 电子设备 Electronics



丰江舟是中国当代艺术的一个非常特殊的人物,除当代艺术创作外,他的履历涉及了摇滚乐队、电子乐和戏剧等诸多领域;他是富于开创性的摇滚乐队“苍蝇乐队”的组建者及主唱;他的音乐专辑《The Fly I & II》、《恋爱中的苍蝇》、《516分子*丰》被香港媒体评选为亚洲华语十佳唱片;此外,他还策划了电子音乐合集《Far East Digital Hardcore》等。



One of the most pioneering and well-known artist in Chinese contemporary art, Feng Jiangzhou’s artistic creations span from multimedia art, sound art, installation art, performance art to other most avant-garde contemporary art scope. 

As a multimedia theatre director, his works challenge the appreciating experience of traditional stage art, and bring in the fantastic feeling with innovative new media language for the audiences. Including Floating City, Fleeting Life and Reading-Mistake Series, his independent multi-media art pieces are praised as the most progressive digital performance, standing for the state of art ideals and advanced technology in Chinese contemporary art.

As a musician, he was the founder and lead vocalist of one of China’s most groundbreaking rock band The Fly, which has made his name among the crowds and critics at home and abroad in the 90s. He also works on solo projects of electronic music with digital art, and his albums The Fly I & II, The Fly in Love and 516 Molecules * Feng were highly praised by Hong Kong media. He is also the curator of the electronic collection Far East Digital Hardcore.

Feng works extensively with artists from various fields. He has served as the multimedia design and production director of hundreds of plays, working with famous directors such as Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Stanley Kwan. He has also been cooperating with contemporary drama director Meng Jinghui for more than 10 years, creating original music and multimedia works for his dramas such as Rhinoceros in Love and Two Dogs.

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