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法国现代爵士 French Modern Jazz Project —— Migrant

法国现代爵士 Migrant 中国巡演深圳站

French Modern Jazz Project Migrant China Tour Shenzhen Station


时间:2016.11.17 周四 20:30







Time: 2016.11.17 Tuesday 20:30

Venue: B10 Live

Add: Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only)

Organizer: OCT-LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd

Admittance starts at 20:00.

Open area with several seats on both sides for resting purpose.


购票信息 Ticketing

票价:预售 60 元;现场 80 元


※截止时间:11月17日 00:00






Fare: Presale 60 RMB; At Door 80 RMB


※Presale service available until 00:00 on Nov 17th

①Entity: Old Heaven Books (120#, A5, North District of OCT-LOFT)



Please send the following information to at least ONE DAY before the concert:

1.Name 2.Phone number 3.Date of the concert 4.Quantity of tickets

Ticket reservation will be closed 15 minutes before the show starts, please pick up your ticket at B10 Live in time.

3/At Door: B10 Live

※Starts at 19:30 on the day.


音乐的自由是由Florent Briqué带领的爵士乐队的核心理念。Roberto Negro, Julien Pontvianne, Florent Nisse 与 Florian Satche 在编写与即兴中构建出他们寻找发声与情绪表达的音乐旅途。

Liberty in music is the main point of this jazz quintet leaded by Florent Briqué. Using written and improvised music, Roberto Negro, Julien Pontvianne, Florent Nisse and Florian Satche are building a music of travel, looking for sound and emotion.

Florent Briqué

Florent Briqué曾与许多著名美国与欧洲的爵士音乐人交流合作,并且参与了许多的著名音乐节,包括维也纳爵士音乐节,香港爵士音乐节于意大利Umbria音乐节。

他在2003-2005年担任法国洛林区爵士乐团的总指挥。现在,Florent 开始专注于指导他合作的乐队并在乐队的作品中发展出音乐绘画的新风格。

Florent Briqué’s musical journey was punctuated with his encounters with famous American and European jazz figures, who became a part of his training process: Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, World Saxophone Quartet, Phil Abraham, François Jeanneau, Eric Marienthal... not to mention the famed festivals he took part in: NJP, Umbria jazz, Jazz à Vienne, les nuits atypiques de Langon, Musiques Métisses Angoulème, l'Esprit Jazz, Africajarc, Jazz à la Vilette, Shanghai Music festival, Hong Kong Jazz festival.

After having directed the Orchestre Régional de Jazz in Lorraine from 2003 to 2005, he is now focusing on the various bands he plays with, such as the trio “Sloth” or the group “The big friche” with whom he is developing the use of Sound Painting. Florent is the holder of a French State Diploma in teaching jazz and improvised music.

Roberto Negro

Roberto 精通戏剧,诗歌与戏剧音乐。

在2011年, 他参与创建立了音乐家协会的项目 TRICOLLECTIF ,并其后与小提琴手Théo Ceccaldi, 大提琴手Valentin Ceccaldi 和鼓手Adrien Chennebault 成立了La Scala quartet 乐队。在2012年,在他的作品Loving Suite pour Birdy So 之中,Roberto结合歌曲与即兴表现出爱的主题,给传统与经典赋予了新鲜的元素。


Through a multitude of inter-disciplinary collaborations, Roberto has flirted with theatre, poetry and theatrical song.

In 2011, he also participated in creating the musicians’ association project “TRICOLLECTIF”, which became the main focus for his creations. He founded the La Scala quartet with Théo Ceccaldi on violin, Valentin Ceccaldi on cello and Adrien Chennebault on drums, then in 2012, Loving Suite pour Birdy So, a sort of mini-opera for a string quintet and singer, developing a deliciously moving variation on the subject of love, hovering between song, improvisation and a new version of classical traditions.

Always on the look out for new opportunities, refreshing experiences and idiomatic experiments that know no boundaries, Roberto Negro is currently working on a number of projects.

Florent Nisse

于1983年出生于法国Colmar的Florent Nisse六岁开始学习低音大提琴。在2002年他移居到Lyon就读一所工程学院。学习自然科学并没有减轻他对音乐的热情,他在2007年不仅获得了工程的文凭,还获得了古典音乐与爵士音乐的文凭。随后,他决定投入音乐的学习,并在2011年毕业于巴黎CNSM音乐学院。

2008年Nisse正式开启了他在Lyon的爵士音乐事业并很快成为后起之秀,获得了与许多著名音乐家同台演出的机会, 包括Yaron Herman Quartet 和Didier Lockwood。在2014年,Nisse 担任乐队主唱并发行了第一张专辑 Aux Mages。

Born in 1983 in Colmar (France), Florent Nisse starts studying double bass at the age of six. In 2002 he moves to Lyon in order to attend an engineering school. While studying science he never stops his musical studies, and finally gets in 2007 three degrees, one in mechanics, one in classical music, and one in jazz music. Very active on Lyon’s jazz scene at that time, Florent chooses to give up science and to follow his musical career. The year after he’s accepted in Paris Conservatory (CNSM) in Jazz, in Riccardo Del Fra’s class. He graduates in 2011.

Professionally, Florent Nisse starts his career in Lyon before moving in Paris in 2008. There he quickly becomes part of the rising generation of jazz musicians, and has the opportunity to perform both with rising artists (David Enhco Quartet, Fred Borey Quintet, Flash Pig, Thomas Enhco Trio, Shauli Einav Quintet) and with more recognized ones (Yaron Herman Quartet, Didier Lockwood, Michel Portal, Stéphane Guillaume Quintet, Logan Richardson Quintet, Emile Parisien). In 2012, Florent Nisse also starts his career as a leader and records his first album, “Aux Mages”, released in 2014.

Julien Pontvianne


在他大量的作品与项目之中,AUM grand 是最具争议性的一个。因为他在其中结合了大量的元素,包括和声,插电与不插电音乐的结合,谱曲与即兴音乐的结合等等。

Julien获得过许多欧洲的音乐奖项,并参与世界各地的许多音乐节,包括在美国纽约,新奥尔良,匈牙利,中国,比利时等地区。他拥有着超过十年的音乐教学经验。现在于法国 Bordeaux conservatoire 音乐学院担任萨克斯教学老师。

Marked, amongst other things, by bands like Sonic Youth and by different Asian musical traditions, as well as by Morton Feldman, Ligeti, Grisey, Penderecki, Ohana, Romitelli, LaMonte Young or Ryoji Ikeda's transversal electronics and Renaissance’s musics, Julien is at the origin of several projects, mixing all these influences, at the boundaries of ''experimental'', ''contemporary'' music, both improvised and written, believing in a kind of organic sensibility to sound matter.

He has been teaching for more than 10 years in different music schools, and he is now the jazz saxophone teacher at the Bordeaux conservatoire, doing also master-classes, workshops...


Florian是TRICOLLECTIF 项目的主要成员,同时在许多乐队中担任鼓手。

Florian在2013年Avignon 欧洲爵士音乐大赛中获得了最佳乐手奖项。他曾与许多著名的音乐家合作,包括 Joëlle Léandre, Samuel Blaser和Christophe Moniot等。

Florian is one of the main Tricollectif member. He is playing in several band as a drummer. (Marcel & Solange, TOONS, Petite moutarde, quartet de Théo Ceccaldi , Quelle Sauce, L’orchestre du Tricot, Atomic Spoutnik...)

Jazz Migration 2013 awarded with Marcel et Solange, Florian won the best instrumentist prize in Avignon european jazz contest 2013 with TOONS (Quintet of Valentin Ceccaldi).

I Florian is playing with Joëlle Léandre, Samuel Blaser, Christophe Moniot, Alexandra Grimal, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Théo et Valentin Ceccaldi, Roberto Negro, Gabriel Lemaire, Quentin Biardeau, Julien Desprez, Ivan Gélugne...

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