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演出 Concert ● 2016.5.13 Pandit Narendra Mishra & Kushal Krishna

Pandit Narendra Mishra & Kushal Krishna

印度 India


时间 Time

2016.05.13 20:00 - 21:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artists

Pandit Narendra Mishra - 西塔琴 Sitar

Kushal Krishna - 塔不拉鼓 Tabla


Pandit Narendra Mishra

著名西塔琴演奏家Pandit Narendra Mishra出生于瓦拉纳西一个有名望的音乐世家。

他从小就跟随父亲Pandit Mannu Lal Mishra学习西塔琴演奏,而后拜入西塔琴大师Ustad Vilayat Khan门下深造。

10岁第一次登台,便开启了他辉煌的演奏生涯。通过刻苦的练习和执着的付出,他全身心地投入音乐,并获得了印度多个最重要的音乐文化组织所颁发的奖项,其中包括久负盛名的孟买Surmani奖,以及全印广播电台(Akashvani)[1]与全印电视台(Doordarshan)[2]认证的A级(最高级别)艺术家称号。他也在勒克瑙Sangeet Natak学院比赛和全印广播比赛(由Prayat Sangeet Samiti机构于阿拉哈巴德举办,为纪念市长Ranjit Singh)中摘得桂冠。

过人的天赋让Pandit Narendra Mishra得以让印度的许多伟大的塔不拉演奏家为他伴奏,如Samrat Kishan Maharaj和Pandit Samta Prasad。2002年,他在英国女王伊丽莎白二世登基50周年庆典上为她演奏。


Kushal Krishna

Kushal Krishna 1986年出生于一杰出的Banaras Gharana[3]艺术世家。他3岁那年便开始接受其叔父Pandit Shyam Kumar Mishra的训练,而后跟随Pandit Kishor Mishra和塔不拉大师Pandit Sharda Shahi Ji学习。



All India Radio,1956年被官方命名为Akashvani/ Akashvani。


[3]在兴都斯坦尼(Hindustani)音乐中,gharana指的是一种以宗族或师徒关系为基础的音乐或舞蹈族群体系。一个gharana通常坚守着一种特定的音乐风格,并有其独成一派的音乐学意识形态。Banaras Gharana是六种被普遍认可的塔不拉鼓gharana之一。

Pandit Narendra Mishra

Pandit Narendra Mishra is a renowned sitar player hailing from a famous family of musicians from Varanasi. He commenced his study in sitar playing at a very early age under the tutelage of his father Pandit Mannu Lal Mishra and completed further training under sitar maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan.

He gave his first performance at the age of ten and thereafter achieved great success. With extraordinary practice and dedication, he devotes his life to music and was rewarded by numerous awards in the most important musical and cultural institutions of India. In particular, he received the prestigious award Surmani in Mumbai and recognition of the level of the first category (first class ‘A’ grade artist) from Akashvani[1] and Doordarshan[2]. He also holds the gold medal in the competition held by Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow and another one in the All India Radio competition organized by Prayag Sangeet Samiti in honor of Major Ranjit Singh at Allahabad.

Pandit Narendra Mishra's talent gives him the privilege to be accompanied by great tabla players such as Samrat Kishan Maharaj, Pandit Samta Prasad and many other renowned tabla players in India. In 2002, he played for the Queen Elisabeth II at the Golden Jubilee.


Kushal Krishna

Kushal Krishna was born in 1986 in a great artist family of Banaras Gharana[3]. He got his first training under the age of 3 from his uncle Pandit Shyam Kumar Mishra, and later Pandit Kishor Mishra, as well as the great tabla maestro Pandit Sharda Shahi Ji.


[1] All India Radio, officially known since 1956 as Akashvani (literally, “Voice from the Sky”), is the national public radio broadcaster of India.

[2] Doordarshan is autonomous[clarification needed] India's Central Government founded public service broadcaster.

[3] In Hindustani music, a gharana is a system of social organization linking musicians or dancers by lineage or apprenticeship, and by adherence to a particular musical style. A gharana also indicates a comprehensive musicological ideology. Banaras Gharana is one of the six widely accepted tabla gharanas.