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讲座 Talk · 2017.5.20 诗与歌的灰烬:三上宽的五十年 The Ember of Poems and Songs: Fifty Years of Mikami Kan


The Ember of Poems and Songs: Fifty Years of Mikami Kan


时间 Time

2017.5.20 14:00 - 16:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区 A3+ A3+, North District of OCT-LOFT

主讲人 Speaker

三上宽 Mikami Kan

日本地下民谣歌手、诗人、演员 Japanese Underground Folk Singer, Poet, Actor

现场翻译 Interpreter

张小钻 Zhang Xiaozuan







“I was born and grown up in a small village of Aomori. In high school, I accidentally got to know poems in a bookshop and I was shocked by them. That was the first time I discovered myself quite enjoy it. From then on, I have taken up poetry. But later, I thought why not connect poems with music? So I grabbed a guitar and started composing, even though I didn’t know what I could do in the future back then.

19 was when I really began to create music. My first album had been out for about 50 years. 50 years is nothing but a fragment in the river of time, but for me and most people, it was life. During these years, I was luckily to have encountered with some predecessors who gave me musical inspirations, and I’m glad that I have collaborated with many friends. We have all gone through paranoid youth and the changes in the history of Japanese music. We have witnessed those who have never given up music, even though they were ignored gradually by main-stream after pushed to the cutting edge by the torrent of time. As creators of the era, we share these memories which seem a lifetime ago, yet right before our eyes.

This time, I’m honored to perform in China and to share my music and poems with all of you. I want to talk about the decades I’ve been through as a musician, things I’ve seen, and the development and changes of Japanese music. Also, I would like to share my little stories of music and poetry from my heart. Thank you!”


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