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放映 Screening · 207.5.21 巴黎/柏林:地下Techno 20年 Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno

巴黎 / 柏林:地下Techno 20

Paris / Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno

法国 France 


时间 Time

2017.5.21 16:30 - 17:30

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区A3+ A3+, North District of OCT-LOFT 

影片信息 Movie Information

导演 Director:Amélie Ravalec

时长 Length:48 分钟 mins

年份 Year:2012 

语言 Languages:法语 French / 英语 English 

字幕 Subtitles:英文 English



——法国《Trace A Line》网刊



《巴黎 / 柏林:地下Techno 20年》主要聚焦的两座城市有着截然不同的故事,却同样是Techno的重要据点:从秘密的地下派对到大型俱乐部,从小规模的无名运动到体系成熟的大生意,从黑胶唱片到数字音乐……Techno的过去、现在与将来,都在这部纪录片中向我们一一展开。


影片面世于2012年5月,现已在全球17个国家上映、被译为7种语言,并获得了2013年悉尼艺穗节“Festival Pick”大奖。



Amélie Ravalec是一名法国纪录片导演、配色师及视频编辑师。《巴黎 / 柏林:地下Techno 20年》是她导演的首部纪录片,她的第二部纪录片作品《城市衰退的工业原声带(Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay)》于2015年5月上映。Amélie Ravalec也是专注推广Techno与实验音乐的Fondation Sonore厂牌联合创始人。

“Constantly maintaining a historical and social tension, the documentary is one of the most serious studies on the subject of techno. It conveys the energy, faith and sincerity that led to its realization. There is something wonderful and deeply moving that occurs when the end credits roll. Taken on a journey, the viewer realizes that a deep and sincere love for this music is what drives these people.”

– Trace A Line, FR


Born in the Detroit in the late 80s, Techno met its audience a few years later in Europe, as the UK, Germany, France, and many other countries started to host the foundations of a Techno scene.

“Paris / Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno” tells the story from its beginning until now. It is mostly focused on Paris and Berlin: two different cities, two different tales, but Techno grew up in both, from secret underground parties to huge clubs, from a small faceless movement to an established business, and from vinyl to digital.

This documentary features those in the scene who kept it true to its original spirit. About twenty people trace the evolution of Techno over the years, from what it was to what they think it should be about. They all have different profiles – DJ, producer, label manager, promoter, record shop owner… but all share a common passion: Techno.

Released in May 2012, the film has been screened in 17 countries, translated in 7 languages and won the Festival Pick Award at Sydney Fringe Festival in 2013.


Introduction of the Director

French director Amélie Ravalec is a documentary director, colorist and video editor. “Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno”  was her first documentary. Ravalec’s second documentary “Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay” opened theatrically May 2015. Amélie also co-founded Fondation Sonore label and events in 2010, focusing on industrial techno and experimental music.