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演出 Concert · 2017.5.21 不失者 Fushitsusha

不失者 Fushitsusha

日本 Japan


时间 Time

2017.5.21 20:00 - 23:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT 

演出者 Artists

灰野敬二 Keiji Haino - 人声 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar

森重靖宗 Yasumune Morishige - 贝斯 Bass





灰野敬二出生于1952年,早年的受大门乐队(The Doors)影响而走上音乐之路。从早期的布鲁斯——尤其是Blind Lemon Jefferson,到欧洲中世纪音乐,再到世界各地的流行音乐,他都广泛研究并吸取精华。他通过激烈的肢体动作和独特的技法,在演奏中试探着乐器的极限。无论是吉他、打击乐、绞弦琴(hurdy-gurdy),还是各类管弦乐器、来自世界各地的民族乐器,亦或是DJ设备,都在他手上呈现出无与伦比的声音,充满了超然的萨满仪式感和狂烈震撼的才智与认知。



Fushitsusha, the heart of Keiji Haino’s aesthetics in his 45 years of art, was formed in 1978 and since then, there is no way to define them because they have been continually evolving. With their gigantic power, a completely new hard rock world with profound dimension has been born.

Their self-title debut album was issued in 1989, and since then, more than 20 albums have been released under the name of Fushitsusha. Over the years, quite a lot of changes have been made to the line-up while Keiji Haino as the core of Fushitsusha remains unchanged.


Keiji Haino

Keiji Haino was born in 1952. An encounter with The Doors stimulated him into music, where he has examined and absorbed an extremely wide range of music from the early blues especially Blind Lemon Jefferson, or European medieval music to popular songs across the world. Drawing performance to the extreme of the guitar, percussions, the hurdy gurdy, diverse wind and string instruments, local instruments from across the world, DJ gears through keen physicality and unique techniques, he delivers incomparable sound that is full of shamanism without transcendence as well as raging intelligence and awareness.


Morishige Yasumune

Bassist of the band, Morishige Yasumune is also one of the most unique voices of cello in Japan. As an improvised musician, he dives into all sonic possibilities of the instruments and expand their vocabularies to rich unexplored territories. He also composes his own vocal works with cello or piano. In additional to his musical activities, Morishige is a distinctive photographer who has published his first collection “Photographs” in 2010.

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