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2018.5.18 青木孝允 AOKI takamasa


青木孝允 AOKI takamasa

日本 Japan


时间 Time

2018.5.18 20:00 - 21:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artist

青木孝允 AOKI takamasa - 电子设备 Electronics



青木孝允在日本厂牌PROGRESSIVE FOrM旗下发行的两张专辑《Silicom》和《Silicom Two》(2002年),充分展现了他对4/4拍节奏的自如应用与声音设计的功力,也是他探索Techno音乐的未来主义和机器律动之奥妙的明确的使命宣言;他2004年与日本实验音乐家辻子纪子合作出版于英国厂牌FatCat Records的专辑《28》,则收录了更多丰满而梦幻的电子乐和慢节奏氛围音乐作品,也正是这张专辑把他推到了日本电子音乐界的聚光灯下;在2013年Raster-Noton发行的专辑《RV8》中,他再一次展示了对声音纯熟无比的掌控力,明快利落的舞池节拍具有极强的兼容性;此外,他还于2008年在坂本龙一的厂牌Commmons出版了专辑《Private Party》(“私人派对”)。


主形象 摄影by 青木孝允 or AOKI takamasa.jpg

AOKI Takamasa, born 1976 in Osaka, Japan, is an experimental musician and producer. He is the outstanding representative of the avant-garde electronic music of his generation. Among his works, “RV8” released under German label Raster-Noton has made his name among masses of music fans in China.

Since his first album “Silicom” released at the beginning of 2001, AOKI has been reviewing his personal methodology whilst actively creating sounds based mainly on computer/software. AOKI is an energetic artist vigorously expanding the limits of original musical expression. Due to it and the fact that he is not afraid to do even the strictest changes in his creative approach, he could be easily described as a matador of the electronic music scene. His works and compositions twist among a very rich and stratified melting-pot of glitch sounds and rhythm, it’s punchy and danceable while experimental and abstract. And his live performances are highly rated for their creativity, quality and intensity, emphasizing a focus on the mutual communications through music with the audience. He is an extraordinary artist who can show "live performance" as an original that is not playback of a mere sequence.

“Silicom” (2001) and “Silicom Two” (2002) on Progressive Form have seen him condense his 4/4 rhythms and sound design into clear mission statements that explore techno’s futurism and the groove in the machine. His collaboration with Japanese experimental musician Tujiko Noriko resulted in “28” (2004) on FatCat Records, an album of lush dreamy electronics and slower ambient pieces, which brought him in the limelight of Japanese electronic music. His album “RV8” (2013) on Raster-Noton sees Takamasa in masterful control of his sound design, delivering crisp, uptempo dancefloor bombs that would put any system through its paces. He also released the album “Private Party”on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s label Commmons in 2008.

AOKI has performed at festivals like CTM Berlin, Elektra Montréal and elsewhere, and is successful producer of among others Ryuchi Sakamoto and Yoshihiro Hanno. He is also a well-known photographer in Japan.


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