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日本 Japan

时间 Time
2019.05.17 21:40 - 22:40

场地 Venue
华侨城创意文化园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT

演出者 Artist
秋田昌美 Masami Akita - 电子设备 Electronics

——François Couture,AllMusic网站 

Merzbow是由秋田昌美于1979年创立的噪音计划。 Merzbow以创作刺耳、咄咄逼人的高能量噪音而闻名,代表作是1996年发布的专辑《Pulse Demon》。三十多年来,Merzbow一直是国际噪音界最知名的人物,他发行过400余张唱片,并与各类艺术家合作,其中包括Sunn O)))、Full of Hell、Boris、xiuxiu和灰野敬二等。

Merzbow之名源自德国达达艺术家Kurt Schwitters的作品《Merzbau》,由此也反映出秋田昌美有受到达达主义和垃圾美学的影响。此外,他还广泛吸收包括前卫摇滚、重金属、自由爵士和早期电子乐在内的各种音乐风格,也深受超现实主义等非音乐文化的影响。自21世纪初以来,他受到动物权益和环境保护主义的启发,开始成为纯素主义者,崇尚直刃族[1]的生活方式。



“There's no need to argue. Merzbow stands as the most influential figure in noise music.”
- François Couture, AllMusic 

Merzbow is a Japanese noise project started in 1979 by Masami Akita. Merzbow is best known for a style of harsh, confrontational noise as exemplified on the 1996 release Pulse Demon. For over thirty years, Merzbow has been the biggest and most recognizable figure on the international noise scene. He has released over 400 recordings, and has collaborated with various artists including Sunn O))), Full of Hell, Boris, xiuxiu, Keiji Haino, etc. 

The name Merzbow comes from the German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters' artwork Merzbau. The name was chosen to reflect Akita's Dada influence and junk art aesthetic. In addition to this, Akita has cited a wide range of musical influences from progressive rock, heavy metal, free jazz, and early electronic music to non-musical influences like Dadaism, surrealism and fetish culture. Since the early 2000s, he has been inspired by animal rights and environmentalism, and began to follow a vegan, straight-edge[1] lifestyle. 

As well as being a prolific musician, he has been a writer and editor for several books and magazines in Japan, and has written several books of his own. He has written about a variety of subjects, mostly about music, modern art, and underground culture. Other art forms Akita has been interested in include painting, photography, film-making and Butoh dance. 

[1] Straight-edge (often abbreviated as sXe or signified by XXX or X) is a subculture emerged amid the early-1980s hardcore punk scene that strive for clean-living and positivity.

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