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德国 Germany 

时间 Time
2019.5.17 20:20 - 21:20

场地 Venue
华侨城创意文化园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT 

演出者 Artist
Olaf Bender - 电子设备 Electronics

Olaf Bender的创作,始于他在学生时代对于16毫米胶片放映设备的偶然发现。自那时起,他就开始了以胶片为材料、以影像为媒介的实验。

技术上的限制,让Olaf不得不选择了特殊的创作方式:他通过直接在胶片底片上刮擦来创造出几何图案,从而生成了十分复古的动态影像。这些实验,让他进一步接触到了东德地下乐队AG Geige,并于1988年成为其固定成员,也就此进入了音乐领域。当时的家庭电脑,让Olaf这种未经过专业音乐训练的“门外汉”也得以进行多媒体创作。

1989年柏林墙倒塌后,Olaf开始进入音乐出版业工作。那段工作经历激发了他自己发行自己的作品的想法。1996年,他和Frank Bretschneider一起创立了厂牌Rastermusic,并在1999年与Carsten Nicolai(即Alva Noto)的子厂牌Noton合并,成为了后来著名的Raster-Noton。这个厂牌最早的出品就包括了Signal,这一计划由Olaf Bender、Frank Bretschneider和Carsten Nicolai组成,至今依然活跃。

自厂牌创立之始,Olaf就以“Byetone”为名进行着个人的音乐创作,但直到2008年,他才第一次在Raster-Noton上发行自己的唱片,即EP《Plastic Star》。这支主打单曲定义了他的标志性声音,他以摇滚的态度——同时又无需过多的处理与修饰——呈现了基于节奏的极简主义音乐,复古、叛逆,而能量十足。2008年还见证了他的首张全长专辑《Death of a Typographer》的诞生,这张专辑广受赞誉,而2011年的续作《Symeta》也同样登上了不少“年度专辑”榜单。

此外,Bytone还为包括Modeselektor和VCMG在内的许多知名艺术家制作remix(重编曲混音作品),也为时尚设计师Rick Owens,以及Nina Ricci、NikeLab等时尚品牌提供声音作品。除了是Raster-Noton旗下明星组合Signal的成员,他还与Carsten Nicolai组成了双人计划Diamond Version,并于2013年在世界闻名的音乐厂牌Mute Records旗下出版了一系列EP和一张全长专辑。

Olaf Bender's creative work began with the casual finding of 16mm film equipment during school time. From that moment on, he started experimenting with the medium "film" as well as the raw material “film”.

Technical limitations forced special methods: he scratched directly on the footage to create geometrical figures; the results were archaic motion patterns. As a consequence of his experiments, he came into contact with the east german underground band AG Geige of which he became a permanent member in 1988. By working with this group, he also got into musical aspects. The home computer made it possible for autodidacts like him to work multimedially without musical training.

After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, Bender worked in music distribution. The experiences he gained there led him to the idea of publishing his own music by himself. Together with Frank Bretschneider, he founded the record label Rastermusic in 1996 which later merged with Carsten Nicolai's Noton sub-label to form Raster-Noton in 1999. One of the label's earliest productions was the project Signal, which Olaf Bender has been continuing together with Bretschneider and Nicolai until today.

Since the label's founding, Bender has also produced music solo under the pseudonym Byetone, but it was not until 2008 that he released his first record on Raster-Noton. The lead single Plastic Star also defined his signature sound, presenting a minimalist rhythm-based music with a rock attitude that can do without too much processing and decoration; an archaic, rebellious music full of energy. The year 2008 also saw the release of his first full-length record, the highly acclaimed Death of a Typographer, whose follow-up Symeta, released in 2011, even entered several "record of the year" lists.

In the wake of his own records, Byetone has also produced remixes for artists like Modeselektor and VCMG as well as sound works for fashion designers like Rick Owens, Nina Ricci or NikeLab. Besides being part of Raster-Noton's supergroup Signal, he is also part of the duo Diamond Version (together with Carsten Nicolai) that released a series of EPs and a full-length record on Mute Records in 2013.

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