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2018.5.17 茶博士 Tea Rockers

茶博士 Tea Rockers

中国 China


时间 Time

2018.5.17 20:00 - 21:00

场地 Venue

华侨城创意文化园北区B10现场 B10 Live, North District of OCT-LOFT


演出者 Artists

巫娜 Wu Na - 古琴 Guqin

喜见 Xi Jian - 茶道 Tea Ceremony

颜峻 Yan Jun - 电子 Electronics

李带菓 Li Daiguo - 大提琴 Cello/琵琶 Pipa

小河 Xiao He - 阮 Ruan / 电脑 Computer/人声 Vocals

















The Tea Rockers is a crazy band. Sometimes their music so quiet that would make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes their improvisational performance is like a landscape painting of ancient China. Sometimes it is full of noise. Sometimes in their music you feel like being in a grand wedding ceremony that sounds like a loud roaring of rushing water. Everyone in this quintet has different backgrounds. Their collaboration is like an adventure that has lasted for years, yet new chemical reactions are ready to take place anytime.


Tea Rockers’ Own Narrative

The Tea Rockers was formed in October, 2010.

For an art festival in Switzerland, we all got to Europe separately with our own concert schedules and didn’t meet up until the day we performed in Berne. We did the sound check, had some food, took a walk and just that, we played. It was the first time for all of us to play together. Before that, we had played with each other in different duos or trios.

The live recording of that concert was edited, mixed, mastered and eventually released by Israeli label Ent-t, titled “Ceremony”. Its Chinese name is actually “红水乌龙”, literally meaning “Red Water Oolong”, the tea we’ve been drinking during the concert. How the tea tasted has naturally shaped the music we played – subtle, zealous, relaxed and sleepless… The tea practitioner then was Lao Gu. 

In 2015, thanks to Men Records, we had the chance to perform for the first time with our current line-up and to record our second album “Fabrication” in studio, which was then released by Modern Sky in 2018.

Up to now, the Tea Rockers has been an improvisational group. But who knows? Perhaps we will start composing in the near future, perhaps not. Our current instrumentation includes Guqin (Wu Na), electronic noise (Yan Jun), Ruan and guitar with effects (Xiao He), tea ceremony (Xi Jian), Pipa and cello (Li Daiguo), and occasionally mbira or Erhu. Sometimes people come up and ask, “Why would you put noise into such beautiful music?” That is a question neither difficult nor necessary to answer.